E-Commerce & Marketing

Empowering Commerce:
E-Commerce & Marketing Session at ICAKMPET-2025

In the era of digital transformation, where technology reshapes commerce and marketing landscapes, the 4th International Conference on Advancing Knowledge from Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Engineering & Technology (ICAKMPET-2025) dedicates a session to E-Commerce & Marketing. This session serves as a dynamic hub for professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts to explore the evolving dynamics of online commerce, digital marketing, and the convergence of technology with consumer behavior.

E-Commerce & Marketing Session Overview

Nurturing Digital Economies:

The E-Commerce & Marketing Session at ICAKMPET-2025 is designed to delve into the intricacies of digital commerce and the transformative power of marketing in the online realm. It recognizes the profound impact of technology on consumer behavior, business strategies, and the overall landscape of commerce.


Topics of Interest for Submission include, but are not limited to:

1 Artificial Intelligence & Retail

2 B2B Ecommerce

3 Communication and Network Technology

4 Ecommerce Software

5 Blockchain Security

6 Big Data Analysis

7 Information Security & Trusted Computing

8 Internet Economy

9 Affiliate Marketing

10 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

11 Digital Branding

12 Search Engine Optimization

13 Social Media & Services

Conference Objectives:

    The session aims to:
  • Explore innovations in e-commerce platforms, technologies, and strategies.
  • Discuss the role of digital marketing in driving online engagement and sales.
  • Foster discussions on challenges and opportunities in the e-commerce and marketing domains.

The E-Commerce & Marketing Session at ICAKMPET-2025 invites e-commerce professionals, marketers, and technology enthusiasts to join the digital commerce revolution. Whether you are a seasoned expert in online business or an emerging player in the e-commerce landscape, this session offers a unique opportunity to explore, discuss, and contribute to the evolving dynamics of digital commerce and marketing.


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ISSN: 2582-7464
Technoarete Journal on Advances in E-Commerce and E-Business
ISSN: 2583-3049
Technoarete Transactions on Advances in Data Science and Analytics
ISSN: 2583-2956
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