Eco Science And Applied Science

Harmony in Innovation:
Eco Science and Applied Science Session at ICAKMPET-2024

In the pursuit of sustainable solutions and the integration of science into practical applications, the 4th International Conference on Advancing Knowledge from Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Engineering & Technology (ICAKMPET-2024) dedicates a session to Eco Science and Applied Science. This session serves as a nexus for researchers, scientists, and practitioners to explore the symbiosis between ecological sciences and practical applications in various engineering and technological domains.

Eco Science and Applied Science Session Overview

Fusion of Ecology and Application

The Eco Science and Applied Science Session at ICAKMPET-2024 aims to bridge the gap between ecological sciences and their practical application in engineering and technology. It recognizes the imperative of harmonizing scientific knowledge with real-world solutions to address pressing environmental challenges.


Topics of Interest for Submission include, but are not limited to:

1 Sustainability

2 Forensic Science

3 Biodiversity

4 Engineering Science

5 Social Science

6 Ecology

7 Space Science

8 Life science

9 Human Science

10 Physics,chemistry, and Other related areas

Conference Objectives:

    The session seeks to:
  • Showcase research at the intersection of ecological sciences and applied science.
  • Explore sustainable applications and innovations derived from ecological principles.
  • Discuss the role of applied science in solving environmental challenges.

The Eco Science and Applied Science Session at ICAKMPET-2024 invites scientists, researchers, and eco-enthusiasts to join the eco-revolution. Whether you are deeply involved in ecological research or passionate about translating scientific knowledge into practical solutions, this session offers a unique opportunity to contribute to a sustainable and harmonious future.


Technoarete Transactions on Advances in Social Sciences and Humanities
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