Digitalization And Feature Technology

Revolutionizing Tomorrow:
Digitalization and Future Technology Session at ICAKMPET-2024

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements, the 4th International Conference on Advancing Knowledge from Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Engineering & Technology (ICAKMPET-2024) recognizes the transformative power of digitalization and future technology. The dedicated session on Digitalization and Future Technology serves as a crucible for experts, researchers, and enthusiasts to delve into the frontiers of innovation, exploring the impact of digital transformation on engineering and technology.

Digitalization and Future Technology Session Overview

Navigating the Digital Frontier

The Digitalization and Future Technology Session at ICAKMPET-2024 is designed to be a hub of exploration, where cutting-edge technologies and digital trends converge. It delves into the unprecedented impact of digitalization on various engineering disciplines and anticipates the trajectory of future technologies that will shape our world.


Topics of Interest for Submission include, but are not limited to:

1 Accessibility to Disabled Users

2 Internet of Things (IOT)

3 AI and Machine Learning

4 Privacy in digitalization

5 Artificial neurons

6 Data Structure.

7 Robotics and Automation

8 Hyperloop

9 Advancement in Data Security

10 Aerospace Engineering

11 Advancement in Data forensics

12 Aviation Information Technology and system

13 Aero Engineering and Aircraft Maintenance Technology and System

Conference Objectives:

    The session aims to:
  • Explore the transformative effects of digitalization in engineering and technology.
  • Showcase emerging technologies that are poised to redefine industries.
  • Discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by the integration of digital tools.

The Digitalization and Future Technology Session at ICAKMPET-2024 invites tech enthusiasts, researchers, and professionals to embark on a journey through the technological renaissance. Whether you are a seasoned expert or an emerging innovator, this session offers a unique opportunity to explore, discuss, and contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of digitalization and future technology..

Session Chair


College of Information Technology Education
Dean of the Graduate School, WCC, QC Campus

Session Speakers

Prof. Dr. Sailesh Iyer

Department of CSE/IT
Rai School of Engineering, Rai University
President RU IIC and RU Nodal officer -GSIRF India


Technoarete Transactions on Application of Information and Communication Technology(ICT) in Education
ISSN: 2583-3154
Computational Intelligence And Machine Learning
ISSN: 2582-7464
Technoarete Transactions on Industrial Robotics and Automation Systems
ISSN: 2583-1941
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